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The Stars
The Stars

Olivia has recently ended her critically acclaimed year long run as Vivian Ward on the Pretty Woman first national tour

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Photo by Matthew Murphy for Murphymade 

"Somehow all of these shortcomings are not enough to keep Valli from making an impression. The granddaughter of Frankie Valli, she’s an appealingly buoyant presence, with a gift for comedy and for creating an air of spontaneity in even the most predictable scenes." - Don Aucoin, Boston Globe

"The cast is led by relative newcomer Olivia Valli as Vivian. This show is her first leading role having been an ensemble player in various companies over the last few years. I cannot overstate how perfect Valli is in the role. Vocally she's stunning, but what makes this combination of performer and role such a match made in heaven is the fact that Valli brings an unmatched level of charm, wit, spunk, and grit to the role. Those qualities are what bring Vivian to life, and Valli embodies them all with her own delightful brand of flair and attitude." Taylor Clemmons, Broadway World

"Valli's Vivian has pipes for days and is incredibly feisty. She also brings a fittingly calculated artifice to her physical vocabulary as Vivian and Ed negotiate the terms of their deal. Tellingly, her body language changes along with her character as the plot progresses." - Catey Sullivan, Chicago Sun-Times

"Olivia Valli (who played her own grandmother in the off-Broadway production of the JERSEY BOYS) - is the perfect combination of beauty, grit and smarts for this role. Remember that red dress scene made famous by Julia Roberts in the movie? She was perfect for this role, and her voice was fantastic in songs like "Anywhere But Here" and "I Can't Go Back." - Jay Pateakos, Broadway World

Photo by Matthew Murphy for Murphymade

"Olivia Valli isn't nearly as well known, but she holds her own as Vivian. Ms. Valli captures the essence of the appropriately gawky yet endearing hooker with a heart of gold. She's quite charismatic, displays first-rate singing vocals, and gains the needed empathy from the audience." Scott Cain, Talkin' Broadway

"Given a sadder backstory, the Vivian here is stronger and more vulnerable than her onscreen counterpart. She's also more charming and awkward than overtly sexy. The role requires a big voice and a bigger personality. Valli, who performs songs such as "Anywhere But Here" and "I Can't Go Back" with the fervor of an '80s pop star, delivers." Joey Morona,
"Yes, Valli's portrayal of Vivian was not the same as Julia Roberts', but Valli brought her own spunk and pizazz to the role. Her innocent charm and brassy overtones blended flawlessly to create a lovable Viv. Not to mention, Valli hit every note in both solo and ensemble musical numbers, with a standout moment in "I Can't Go Back," where she overtook the stage as her voice filled the entire room." Aly Prouty, Spectrum News 1
"Oliva Valli (Vivian Ward) is perfectly cast and has an outstanding singing voice. She effortlessly pulls of iconic scenes from the movie such as the iconic rodeo drive and the red dress moments. Her rendition of the "I Can't Go Back power ballad is a stand out." Jared F, Broadway World
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